Autumn. The season is changing, you can feel it and almost smell it in the air. I watch the leaves on some of the trees turn color and know nature is reminding me to let go of what’s unnecessary. It’s time to nurture the soul and be certain I care for my body, mind and spirit… stretch and nourish and balance, breathe fully. School has started for the younger ones and will soon for college folks. It’s a more structured time, Autumn is. When schedules get more defined and planning is inked in, save the pencil and eraser for helping the kids with the math homework.

Maybe it’s the routine of school starting, or possibly the change of season, but September is when I look in my closet and decide what’s got to go. It’s also when designers reveal their work and showcase that work in the big cities. New York Fashion Week is now. I entertained myself watching runway videos at, ready-to-wear by Alexander Wang. He’s 31 years old. So creative, he knows fabric, he knows how it will flow over skin. Rag and Bone are showing very wearable split skirts with chunky sneakers. Feminine with character. Victoria Beckham says her clothes this year have attitude. M. J. Blige said this show is about freedom.
Freedom of speech, freedom of fashion. What I saw was gorgeous fabrics, lots of fringe, gender neutral clothing, but mostly confidence to express who we are by what we choose to wear. How we wear it, how we mix colors, how we layer. Freedom. Attitude. Confidence.

My closet won’t get emptied as I can’t go out and buy all new clothes, though I will get a few things to inspire myself, some new color. I feel more creative with myself, more inspired to push my walking routine, to keep myself strong and balanced. This kind of thing helps me feel confident, and I love being confident. It seems true that confidence comes with freedom  expressed. Freedom to express the who I am, the what I believe in, and the freedom to live in the style that’s my own. To be thrilled when I see someone walk by with attitude because they love their new haircut or they know they’re rockin’ their jeans and boots. I was at
the hardware store recently and I heard the checker ask the next customer, “how are you?” The customer answered “I am so awesome!” It made my day. In Style magazine this month gave 100 top trend picks… tips on hair, fashion and make-up. They show a new braided bun and French twist. There are new metallic eye shadows and beautiful new lip colors. A pop of Garnet
color is hot for a pair of shoes or sunglasses. Healthy hair and a good cut, healthy skin…that’s in style no matter what the season. Take a look at some new colors, put some things together in a
different way, but mostly shed what is unnecessary this season and walk with a little jump in your step ’cause you’re feeling pretty good about yourself. I hope it inspires whomever sees that awesome style of yours to express their own style with a jump in their step as well.

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