Labor Day

Labor Day. It sounds like such an unfortunate thing to celebrate…working? But I’m considering now the labor of love demonstrated at a party I attended today. Folks recently began a remodel of a family home on the river. A home that has been in the family through three generations of adults. Grandpa and Grandma owned a store in this small beach town and they made their home right there, within walking distance to work. They raised their children in this home and cared deeply for the community. In fact Grandpa became Mayor. The foundation they built was solid and stories were told today about the hard work and perseverance these two handed down like genes, like an inheritance. Their hard work was a labor of love and now their grandkids continue the traditions set up 63 years ago. To have family and friends come to the river house and watch floats with begonias drift by, to share stories old and new. In the cedar planked living room young children show their gymnastic skills with cartwheels and back bends. Teenagers talked and laughed, parents shared tidbits about school, sports and work, and the younger folks helped the older folks with a cane or walker. The grandkids, a brother and sister in their late 40’s with their own children, are barbecuing and boiling and
stirring up a feast and laying the table with the fruits of their labor. Some of these are grandma’s old recipes, the potato salad and the coleslaw.

We don’t all have such fortunate family situations and celebrations but we can make our own family to celebrate with. We can proudly celebrate the creative ways people before us repaired the road for us, and now we’re adding our layer, preparing the next generation to do the same. They learn by watching us, their attitude mirrors our own. Let’s show them our best. Let’s show them how we proudly tell stories of the work done by our elders, how the work we do is creative and expressive of our core beliefs. Let’s celebrate the labor of love we practice to improve the community we
live and work in. Let’s celebrate also the connections we make in that community, the sharing of stories, the guiding for the coming generation, and the gentle hand up to someone who needs it.

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