Julie Ferreira

Aveda Professional / Salon Proprietor / Stylist / Colorist / Hair Loss Consultant and Specialist

Julie is the ideal confidant for all things hair, mind, body and spirit. Sit in her chair or seek her advice on a product and you will find an unmatched masterful level of attention, confidence & detail to suit your wishes. She is an AVEDA guru living the mission with a loyalty of over 20 years to the Aveda Brand with a conscientious way of responsibility that she takes very seriously. Her dedication to her guests and her consistent enriching of skills and knowledge of the trade she loves, truly is apparent in her work. Julie is meticulous and well versed in the art & science of hair color, she finds new ways to transcend tone and dimension with her vast knowledge of the AVEDA full spectrum color line.

She is very skilled and acquainted with providing solutions for women facing the challenge of thinning hair due to natural causes, alopecia areota, or guests that are under going chemo therapy or radiation treatment. (A private appointment for a consultation available upon request).

Julie is the successful proprietor of The Emerald Iguana Salon carrying the AVEDA Product line, Emerald Iguana has been extremely successful Since 2001 being an AVEDA Concept Salon. Her goal is always to remain very conscientious of respecting Mother earth and achieving beauty not only outward, but inward naturally!

Julie takes great pride in being careful & thoughtful in all guest experiences. She is an advocate for continuing to educate in order to build ethics. She dedicates much of her time to educating herself and sharing her knowledge amongst her team and new talent in need of guidance. She is consistently finding ways to give back, raise awareness through donation and charity involvement at Emerald Iguana she runs hr business according to the high standards of positive community interests and events towards better treatment of our precious planet. She has a passion for guests and their desire to enhance self image and professionalism while living up to the AVEDA mission and overall philosophy as a standard.

While very sociable and active in all aspects of her life Julie also enjoys nature, live music, yoga, Pilates, traveling and relaxing whenever possible. She believes in a healthy spirit that can eclipse all negativity and bring forth beauty and wellness to the mind, body and open heart.

Julie welcomes all loyal returning Emerald Iguana guests and potential new guests with the same open heart and is truly grateful for all inquirers of her thoughtfully designed and established AVEDA salon and her talented team. Enjoy and be well!

Sarah Rorvik

Stylist / Colorist / Extension Professional / Make Up Artist / AVEDA Expert

Sarah is proficient in all aspects of hair and beauty having 10+ years of experience with AVEDA. She attended Cinta AVEDA Institute of San Francisco and apprenticed under Julie Ferreira to obtain her cosmetologist license at Emerald Iguana Salon. Her knowledge of  Aveda and the mission make her an excellent resource of information and guidance throughout your experience at our salon.

While being an artist in all forms of the world, Sarah is very accomplished in fine arts having attended The San Francisco Academy of Arts, she now excels in the art of hair and makeup. She is consistence in acquainting herself with current beauty trends and hair expression through social media and fashion resources. Sarah thrives on educational courses she attends to enhance her skills & unique aesthetic. She has taken 40+ advanced AVEDA classes in color, hair cutting and styling. Sarah’s goal is to make you feel relaxed and listened to, while sending you home with products and a style you can recreate and have fun with.

Her love of nature carries over into all aspects of her life. In her personal time she thrives in an outdoor setting; hiking, fishing, camping, and exploring. Sarah is a foodie and loves to experience new restaurants and cooks at home. Sarah grew up in Santa Cruz, is very close to her family, and is often involved in the community through her participation in local and Emerald Iguana Salon events. She finds much of her styling/technique/team spirit inspiration while attending AVEDA’s Congress event in Minnesota every two years. Sarah is still accepting new guests for hair and beauty consultations/services, Inquire with us today to meet Sarah. #hairbysr @hairbysarahrorvik