Stop & look, then go.


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The last days of summer changes my perspective a bit. It may be the change of season awakens an inherent trait to change energy spent. To be more aware that the light has altered in shadows, the sun is more intense, the breeze off the bay more refreshing.

This morning I listened again, to a talk by Brother David Steinel-Rast entitled The Secret of Happiness is Simple and Challenging All at Once. He suggests we engage ourselves in a simple practice
we learned as youngsters, to stop, look, then go. The purpose is to become grateful in our every day, in our moments. To stop before we forge ahead mindlessly in our business, stop and look. To see and know the value and
the opportunity before us. To realize each moment is a gift. This moment is amazingly valuable and it’s free and it’s ours. Stop and look, then go.

Notice the end of summer is here. The weather is as beautiful as we could hope for. Look at the colors nature has provided. Smell the scent of summer.

I took my walk to the Harbor just now, and on my way home I remembered to stop and look when I reached the foot bridge over the creek. The trees are the most amazing green color and a breeze fluttered the leaves so I couldn’t ignore them. This moment my heart is grateful to be here now.

These last days of summer bring our focus to the present moment. To stop and look before we go. With a grateful heart we can go in the way we know is a path of peace and happiness.

By Gayle Rorvik
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